5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Cycle

The 10-year-old you riding down the gully with your friends would definitely agree to this. But now that the grown-up workaholic you may seem to have a budding interest in bikes too, we’re here to help with 5 solid reasons why you should definitely invest in this beauty.


It’s really, really good for your heart.

Starting with the obvious benefit of you getting back on the trail : cycling is actually said to be more efficient than walking according to recent studies. It strengthens your heart muscles and reduces blood fat levels. Cycling is also a major help in decreasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases since the regular activity of it stimulates and improves your heart, lungs and blood circulation. Keeping in mind the rigorous pattern of our busy lifestyle now, investing in your health through a new-tech cycle is actually worth it.

Upgrade your workout style!

From spinning classes at the gym to virtual workout sessions in our balconies, the method of getting fit and built may have changed but the phenomenal feeling of reaching a ‘workout high’ still remains the same. Bringing in that rush from a new source is probably the exact change you’re looking for - pedaling at a full speed, gushing through the city roads with nothing but the wind by your side has got to be much better than the runner’s high.

Moreover, with the significant changes the pandemic has brought into our lives, you might want to consider the hygiene and safety practices at your local gym. Even with all assurance, if the lingering doubt is still in mind, a cycle may just be the perfect substitute.

Cycles are value for money

If the adult you is looking to purchase a stylish, contemporary bicycle that suits your taste, it might as well also be one that’s value for money. Merida’s Crossway Urban is made for the urban jungle - agile, light, equipped with the secure wheel hub axles and with an adjustable stem it provides both sides of the coin ; a classy, minimalistic look and the ideal qualities for your urban commute.

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Designing and building bikes for over 48 years now, Merida’s Taiwanese craftsmanship spells out one-time investment. It’s features and concepts are top-notch thanks to their advanced R&D which will not only save you from the hassle of repairs and refurbishes, but also prove its worth on the road.

Discover your surroundings

As cliche as this might sound, reconnecting with nature is something we all need from time to time. Even more, is the need for us to realise and soak in our immediate surroundings. The street you live at, the alley behind home or even the route to your buddy’s house is going to look and feel a lot different when you’re not surrounded by rolled up windows. Supported with fresh air, the smells you’ll come across, the new sights you might discover and the adrenaline rush kicking in is something you wouldn’t want to say no to.

Save the planet

We’ve got millions of cars out on the road that are spewing out greenhouse gases with every inch they travel, adding to one of our greatest environmental concerns - global warming. On the other hand, you and your environment-friendly bike that causes zero emissions would help shrink the carbon footprint by a large margin. According to a recent study, every cyclist out there is equivalent to removing a least two toxic-gas emitting fuel cars. Get yourself a fun bike and help go green!?

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