7 Tote Bags For 7 Occasions

You can probably fit your whole life in a tote bag and somehow there’ll still be space for more. That’s the beauty of a tote bag. Despite them not being the most popular choice initially we’ve all grown to love them thanks to the ultimate saviours they have served as.

With Tiger Marron‘s stellar collection we found one to embrace in 7 life situations.


Go blue for your all-day, everyday

There comes a realization point in your life when you know you just can’t do without that one bag in your cupboard. You’ve sworn to never give it up because that’s how useful it is. Tiger Marron’s All Day Every Day has that potential. It’s a navy-blue coloured dry milled leather tote that comes with a sturdy handle and a detachable shoulder strap.

Vintage for your 9 to 5

There’s nothing classier than sporting an old-world classic with your millennial outfit at the workplace. With a tote like it’s like vintage, you’ll be carrying on your shoulder practicality and sophistication at the same time.


Your Sunday is reserved for a brunch with the family and quite frankly, you too know you're going for the food, booze - and the million pictures of course! You’ve got to Hashtag Slay for the gram and that’ll only happen when you’re sporting your comfy jumpsuit, simple heels and stylish shades with a pop of bright orange & blue!

See you at the partyyy

If you haven’t already fallen in love with totes, Tiger Marron’s sleek, handcrafted in Dry Milled and Crocodile Embossed Leather beauty will make sure you do! The See You Later Alligator is an ideal match for one of your ‘I won’t drink a lot’ night-out at the club. Since you can’t be carrying a big bag to the bar you’re about to get LIT at, this small yet spacious tote will do the work of carrying all those touch-up tools, cash & essentials you need.

For your outing with the girls

You’re planning a shopping spree with your two other musketeers. It’s going to be long, intense and let’s face it you’re going to need your hair ties, wallet, coupons, sanitizer, mask, car keys, phone charger - basically a whole lot of things right in your hand when you need it. Let the handy Mamasita be your companion. It’s spacious with two interior side pockets, a single zipper pocket, strong shoulder straps a sturdy suede leather. Plus it’s chic enough for Carrie Bradshaw to approve.

For your boss lady moment

Whether it’s the annual board meeting or a just another presentation you need to nail (in style) you need a statement piece in hand. A bag that speaks of you as bold, confident and strong. Also, one that can actually hold your files, laptop, power bank and anything you need for d-day without causing you trouble. Let the racing red Boss Lady Tote do both works for you.

One for the impromptu adventure

Your best friend called. The end-minute road trip with the squad just got confirmed. Before you know it, you’re gathering all the essentials to dump into one big tote. The dark-brown She’s Wild tote is what you need. Poly-satin lined with two interior side pockets and one exterior side pocket, this chic tote can help keep you stay balanced between the adrenaline junkie and the organised lady in you.

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