Truly blue as watch our time now

Quarantined for half a year has made the concept of time lose its meaning!

Embrace the experience with style


It’s another Monday, another work day, another homeschooling day and yet another day for cooking up a hearty meal; probably starting to feel like we’re all stuck in a time loop day after day, right? After everything we’ve all been through this year, these blue dials bring forth some exceptionally rewarding hues to your personality. Track time in style, colour it blue to make the day a little less blue!

Timelessly Blue

Hope and optimism keep you going as you look forward to the next month, the next year or the next vacation, staycation or even a small drive around town. You’ve probably read all those articles pointing you in the direction of a dedicated schedule sparking the motivation to tick every task off that list… they’re actually helpful, though.

Ever smiled looking at the time? Maybe with a cool blue dial, you will!

Casually Formal

The shift to work-from-home has turned all professionals into multi-faceted, adaptable individuals. A shirt for the meeting and shorts for the scheduled binge-watch. When you have a versatile watch that works perfectly for both, you’ve hit the jackpot in time (pun intended)! If you’re hustling smart from the comfort of your home, the sophisticated Orient Youth is an ideal match for you - an elegant, mesmerizing blue to confidently lead in work and life.

For the Love of Quarantine

Long-distance relationships have never felt more real than they have during these tough months of lockdown. If you’re celebrating a quarantine birthday or a day special to you and your loved one, make the most of this time - your time along with a beautiful timepiece is a gift to cherish; a bond made memorable with the alluring Orient Open Heart is crafted with as much attention to detail as the watch itself is.

Workcation time!

The monotonous routine is overwhelming when you’re at six months of lockdown, about to go a bit crazy with work. With Covid-free rentals available just outside the city, who wouldn’t drive down to a bungalow by the beach to work and vacay - the best of both worlds, right?! Get your hands on this stylish and sporty Orient Mako if you’re planning a trip soon. A perfect fit for outdoor adventures and business, just like your work vacation.

The Stylish Minimalist

Don the assertive, bold, charismatic Bond style with a timepiece that is a magnificent balance between sophistication and classical. An elegantly refined ring with silver hands and a hand woven crown - the result is a subtle shade of your tasteful personality. Take a closer look at the Orient Contemporary if this inspired the minimalist in you!

Experiencing the Hue

There are a handful of things in life that suit your every mood; this sensational accessory is one of those. A beautiful blue in a sophisticated design with the added feature of sun and moon tracking - yes, you read that right! This Orient Sun & Moon is not just a timepiece, the dial brings the magic alive giving you an experience to remember.

Dive to ‘watch’ out for!

While choosing a watch, the most important feature is its suitability for all experiences, lifestyle needs and moods. What if - you find this masterpiece wonderfully ticking all these boxes AND great for an adventurous ride or dive?! For your next experience, sport the Orient Kamasu and you’re in for an exquisite dive. This diver’s watch is exquisitely equipped with water resistance upto 200 meters; so get ready to dive in!

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Can’t wait to ‘watch’ your time with these beautiful timepieces? View the entire collection here.

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