Denim Up

4 design ideas to bring the fabric into your living space


Chic. Casual. Classy. The timeless denim is nothing less than magic when it comes to uplifting your wardrobe looks. But when you move this versatile fabric into your living spaces it’s a whole new game. From shades to styles denim in the right doses can tone down your house to casual and friendly or upgrade it to stylish and shiny. It’s time to bring out the denim from your wardrobe and into your living space with these 4 gorgeous concepts from The Rug Republic.


Without a doubt, denim is a durable fabric. The fact that its wear and tear over time will only amp up its chic factor; just like our popular torn jeans, is exactly what makes it a great choice as a rug for your floor space. The Lyra is a rug of creative patterns that are formed by recycled denim and pure, hand-tufted cotton. Its mood-lifting factor would make it ideal for your casual yet elegant living room. The Leopold on the other hand has the power to bring a subtle yet charming look to your modern home interiors. It works well for both neutral and colourful textiles schemes.


Let’s just all agree that a blend of denim and wool can bring a personality of its own to the party. Addition of the Corvus Pouf to your sofa-set would add an appealing look to your overall design work in the living space. The dense woolen loops hand woven into the ivory denim provides depth, texture and makes it a comfortable one-man seater.


Which is the best place to keep a denim bench? The answer is anywhere!

An easy to match accessory for your bedroom, living room or even your hallway, the Atlas Bench from The Rug Republic’s denim collection is nothing less than a masterpiece. It is a mix of contemporary, cool leather and denim made to blend right into your surroundings. Plus it’s made with eco-friendly eucalyptus wooden frames!


If you want to go all denim, you’ll need multiple shades of blue and that you’ll find in the beautiful Azer Stool. Made from 100 percent recycled denim, it adds the sophisticated feel to your room without disrupting the modern setting.

Just in case blues aren’t really your thing anymore, meet the Arya Foot Stool. Still denim, but cooler, this footrest has hemp fiber too and is known to add versatility.

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