About- Frubites

We created Frubites because as parents ourselves, we had the same question as a lot of other parents - How do we make our kids stop waging war against healthy fruits and vegetables? Frubites started as a personal project 3 years back and is now loved by parents from every walk of life. Now when we look back, all it really took was love and effort to create this whole new way of snacking that is all-natural, nutritious and 100% tantrum-free.

We are proud of our global presence and international standards. However, what we cherish even more is returning to the farms and sharing moments with our farmers.

We have always loved being a vertically integrated brand - no middlemen, no complicated corporate-ish sourcing network, just a simple, honest system of working directly with growers. That way, farmers get better margins, we get to know them first hand, and also closely monitor their practices; it's a win-win.

Without our hardworking and ever-gracious farmers, Frubites would have remained a personal project. And it fills our heart with pleasure to be able to contribute back to their lives - especially their children's lives.

We genuinely believe that there is no more significant empowerment than that of education. Therefore a part of our annual earning goes directly back to rural schools. We hope this contribution will go a long way, lasting them for generations.