About- Rosh Botanicals


Welcome to a world where modern skill is blended with ancient wisdom. Rosh is an organic Skin & Hair Care Brand, with its foundations laid by Ms. Roshan Khatnani who has more than three decades of experience in the industry. Through intensive research and using secrets of ancient beauty customs for skin and hair care, it has become the quintessential Indian brand and a pioneer in the beauty segment.

Begin your organic journey with Rosh where natural elements have been infused together and made available to modern day customers so that they can experience the beauty secrecies of past.

Rosh caters two major categories i.e. Skin Care and Hair Care. Each of its products adheres to the highest standards of purity and quality as well as uses traditional methods in its making. Rosh extracts the finest from nature’s immense range of herbs and formulates completely organic products which can restore the sheen of your hair and glow on your skin. Rosh offers perfect fusion between modern technology and ancient recipes to provide a whole new experience with its botanical range.


Our mission is to spread awareness among people to adopt healthy lifestyle by using the eminence of nature. Using botanical skin and hair care products formulated with traditional organic methods can make a difference in global wellbeing.


To connect everyone with nature and save people from impure harmful products those have captured the global cosmetic market and are creating damage to our health.