A very merry Chrismukkah makes its way to you! What is this holiday, you ask? Well, since Thanksgiving and ‘turkey photos’ are almost over, the holiday cheer now shifts to weeks of deliciousness and celebration.

Hanukkah is an 8-day Jewish celebration and Christmas a 5-day one filled with the radiance of festivities. Chrismukkah - a pop culture reference coined into a catchy new festive term - is what you should be celebrating this year.

For us all, 2020 has been tough as it is and a double holiday is well-deserved and much-needed!

When you have people over, or are binge-watching Hallmark movies or even just lounging by the fireplace - tasty nibbles and snacks are just what you need! This festive season, create new traditions by mastering new recipes. These will stay with you long after Christmas is over - we promise!

We’ve all turned into bakers this year - well, most of us, anyway. This collection of baking recipes is perfect for those December cravings! Enter the baker’s paradise with this mouth-watering and easy to bake collection of recipes, specially curated for your celebration.

If you’re taking the bartender’s route to celebrating the holiday season this year, we have you covered. The spirits are high with this one - so the punch is stronger to make this Christmas one to remember!