Key Ingredients- Instant Illumination Face Pack

Visible ‘glowing’ Effects and Key Ingredients

Skin Purifying and Mood Uplifting Sandalwood

Sandalwood is known for its antiseptic, purifying, toning, cooling, and soothing qualities – needed to combat the ‘torture’ of stress, poor eating habits, and pollution. Additionally, it helps to tighten pores, and the anti-inflammatory properties soothe and repair the damage caused by acne and sunburn.

Skin Toning and Blemish Free with Neem          

Neem is nature’s warrior and helps to make the skin soft, supple, natural looking, and healthy. The anti-fungal properties lighten scars and reduce pigmentation caused by acne. This wonder ingredient reduces and eliminates pimples to reveal a younger and radiant you.

Deep Cleansing and Gentle Nourishment of Multani Mitti

Fuller’s Earth or Multani Mitti has oil-absorbing properties which leave your skin glowing without the oily feel and look. It is effective to speed up the healing process of acne, improving the health and toning of the skin. It leaves your skin feeling air-whipped and exuberant.

Other Key Ingredients

Aloe Vera – this gift of nature helps to moisturize and heal dry and flaky skin. It not only soothes irritated skin, but helps with signs of ageing, fights acne, reduces blemishes, and eliminates dark circles and puffiness.

Vetiver is a natural moisturizer, reduces stretch marks and dark spots – revealing a younger and glowing complexion.

Coriander contains antioxidants, skin friendly minerals, and Vitamin C. Apart from its cooling properties it is also a potent ingredient that is an antiseptic with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, disinfectant, detoxifier, and anti-inflammatory. It leaves your skin feeling hydrated and supple.