Sunscreen Specifications

What is in it?

Madhuyashthi or Liquorice helps to fade blemishes and dark spots. It can be used as a sunscreen to protect the skin from sunburns and tan.

Indian Madder preserves the skin from pigmentation.

Carrots help repair skin tissue and protect the skin against the harsh rays of the sun. Carrots are also high in beta-carotene and vitamin A and also contain nutritious minerals and antioxidants that help maintain a clear and blemish free complexion.

Who is it for?

Sadhev’s Sunscreen is for individuals who are looking for an Ayurvedic solution to the harsh UV rays of the sun. It also helps recover elastin fibre in the skin leaving it looking young and blemish free and creating a complexion that is exquisitely radiant and gloriously spotless. It has a SPF content of 30 and is light in texture making it easy for everyday application. Suitable for all skin types.

Usage ritual

Apply gently and evenly on the face and body to keep the skin nourished and protected from the harsh rays of the sun. Use it just before stepping out and as often as desired.