Tiger Marron Shipping & Returns

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping / delivery time and order processing commences from the day of receipt of payment by Tiger Marrón.

In case of non-delivery arising out of wrong or incomplete address or any other reason / mistake attributable to the customer, extra re-delivery costs shall be charged by Tiger Marrón from the customer.

Shipping and delivery rates depend upon extent / weight / size of the order placed for the products.

Shipment / delivery time stated is approximate and may vary due to unforeseen circumstances which are beyond the control of Tiger Marrón.

Returns / Exchanges

Products purchased through this website may be returned / exchanged. The products must remain unused and must be returned in their original packaging.

Tiger Marrón will only refund damaged goods or money where the damage is attributable to Tiger Marrón. Complaint relating to delivery of damaged goods / products must be communicated via e-mail or call by the customer to Tiger Marrón within 2 days of delivery. In such a case Tiger Marrón will refund damage goods or money within 7-10 business days.

Where the product is damaged due to use by customer, Tiger Marrón may repair the same if repairs are possible at the cost and risk of the customer. Cost of return of such product for repairs will be borne by the customer, the customer will also have to pay extra cost involved in fixing the product. The after-repair shipping cost will be borne by Tiger Marrón.

Where the customer dislikes a product and wants to exchange it, such dislike must be communicated by the customer within 2 days of delivery of the product. The cost of return shipment / delivery regarding the product will be borne by the customer. The customer can print the shipping address of Tiger Marrón from the website and stick it on the original package, the customer is free to choose any shipping company of his / her choice for return shipment of the product. The value of the product will be given to the customer as store credit. The customer can utilize the credit within 1-month. The re-delivery cost of new product purchased via store credit will be borne by Tiger Marrón.