Attikan Estate Coffee

Attikan Estate Coffee

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Attikan Estate's arabica coffee comes from the Bilgiri Hills in Karnataka. Sweet with fruity overtones and balanced acidity. This is the darkest of our standard medium roasts and recommended for espresso lovers.
BRAND Blue Tokai
ROAST LEVEL  Medium Dark
TASTING NOTES Dark Chocolate, Fig ,Roasted Almond
RECOMMENDED GRIND (Shop Brewing Equipment) Channi Grind
SOLD BY Muhavra Enterprises Pvt Ltd

Located to the south of Mysore, Karnataka, the Biligiri Ranjan Hills, or “white hills”, are named after the mist that hangs over this region. High up in the hills lies an isolated spot, where Attikan Estate is found. The Biligiri hills altitude, which reaches up to 1650 metres above sea level, makes this estate one of the highest coffee growing areas in India and an ideal environment to grow Arabica. Selection 9, selection 795, Cauvery and Kents are grown in the neatly organized fields that make up this estate.  Large Silver Oaks, Figs, and Citrus trees make this estate shade friendly and home to wildlife such as a variety of bird species, elephants, and bison.

During harvest season, three rounds of handpicking the ripe fruits take place. This fruit is then pulped, fermented, washed, and sun dried either on elevated trays or on the ground, before being cured at Sangameshwar’s own curing works. The coffee from this region is known for its sweet, bold flavor with spicy overtones such as cinnamon and clove.

As with all its other estates, Sangameshwar ensures that all its employees are provided free medical services and accommodation along with other facilities such as a crèche for young children and subsidized milk.

This award-winning coffee is sold in cafes in the UK, Australia, Singapore, Italy, Japan, and Korea and we are proud to offer domestic consumers the opportunity to buy this fantastic coffee.

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When Blue Tokai started roasting in 2013, they had a small 1 kg machine that had them roasting for twelve to fourteen hours straight on most nights because of how small it was. Though they have grown, both, the size of the roasters (they now roast on two 12 kgs Probat machines) and the team, they continue to spend as much time, energy and resources on constantly pushing their roasting quality forward.

Consistently researching, testing and implementing best practices throughout their business to raise the bar. Cupping hundreds of green bean samples every harvest before making their final selections is standard procedure at Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters. 

The brands belief in transparency extends to their roasteries in Mumbai and Delhi and they encourage the customers to visit them. The large windows in their roastery were designed for you to observe their coffee roasters at work while you sip their special house blends in the attached café. 


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