Hibiscus Green Tea
Hibiscus Green Tea

Hibiscus Green Tea

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Ingredients: Hibiscus flowers, fennel and green tea.

When to drink this tea? Hot, sultry afternoons call for a refreshing cup of Hibiscus tea. If you feel like you’re coming down with a cold, sip warm Hibiscus tea through the day. Avoid mornings if you like to begin your day with a bold cup of tea. This citrus, tangy tea is best suited to brighten dull afternoons and early evenings

Health Benefits: Cools down your body temperature, making it an excellent choice for tea lovers who experience harsh summers and tropical weather. Rich in Vitamin C, Hibiscus tea improves your immunity and protects you against common cold and sore throat. Its anti-inflammatory properties, make it a good tonic for the liver.

Taste notes: Sour, bright and intense. Hibiscus flowers lend a tangy and tart flavour, while fennel adds earthiness to your cuppa.

Serving Suggestions: Pairs well with light green salad, avocado and pineapple desserts. Avoid anything with chocolate. Tastes great either hot or iced. Hibiscus is a favourite Iced Tea in Jamaica. Also known as Agua de Jamaica.

Brewing instructions: Add 1 teaspoon or 1 tea bag per cup (150ml). Always pour hot water (80°C) on the tea leaves and not the other way around. Steep for 2-3 minutes. All our teas in tea bags or loose leaf can be rebrewed. Just add hot water and steep for longer than the first steep


BRAND Tea Trunk
PRODUCT Hibiscus Green Tea
SIZE 100g
SOLD BY Ren Lifestyle Solutions  Pvt Ltd
ORIGIN Darjeeling, India


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Tea Sommelier, Snigdha Manchanda, founded Tea Trunk in 2013. The name Tea Trunk is a tribute to her love for tea that originated from her father’s vintage trunk. Tea Trunk directly sources fine-quality brew from tea estates that is naturally flavorful and healthy. These brews have a cure for your stressful minds.



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