Hive (Modular Wardrobe)
Hive (Modular Wardrobe)
Hive (Modular Wardrobe)
Hive (Modular Wardrobe)
Hive (Modular Wardrobe)
Hive (Modular Wardrobe)
Hive (Modular Wardrobe)
Hive (Modular Wardrobe)
Hive (Modular Wardrobe)
Hive (Modular Wardrobe)
Hive (Modular Wardrobe)
Hive (Modular Wardrobe)
Hive (Modular Wardrobe)
Hive (Modular Wardrobe)
Hive (Modular Wardrobe)

Hive (Modular Wardrobe)

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Designed for adaptability, this playful and contemporary shelving system is ideal for any space in the house. An amalgam of sturdy modular metal cubicles, this structure provides creative freedom to user to explore the various possibilities by adding and reconfiguring each structural cubes and re arranging bamboo components in the metal structure according to their mood and need, adding oodles of space to the room.

Modern living demands flexibility, the metal structure is designed with focus on providing the maximum possibilities, and can be easily knocked down simply with a single tool completely into just pipes and
junctions, without sacrificing quality and durability, so it can adapt as the organizational needs change. This can be flat packed for easy storage and transportation.

BRAND Mianzi
MATERIAL Bamboo, Brass, Stainless Steel
SOLD BY Mianzi

The different sizes of the module include baskets and hangers as mentioned below:




(in Feet)

No. of Baskets


Hanging Rod


No. of Hangers


1X2 3(H) X 1.5(W) X 1.5(D) 2 No No
1X3 4.5(H) X 1.5(W) X1.5(D) 2 No No
2X3 4.5(H) X 3(W) X 1.5(D) 3 Yes(1.5ft) No
2X4 6(H) X 3(W) X 1.5(D) 4 Yes(1.5ft) No
3X3 4.5(H) X 4.5(W) X 1.5(D) 5 Yes(3ft) 3
3X4 6(H) X 4.5(W) X 1.5(D) 6 Yes(3ft) 3
3X5 7.5(H) X 4.5(W) X 1.5(D) 7 Yes(3ft) 3

MIANZI’s vision is to revolutionize the way bamboo is seen and used by bringing India its first eco-friendly yet inventive and aesthetic bamboo-built options. Mianzi aspires to challenge themselves by fashioning products that are not only sustainable or aesthetic but individualistically revolutionary. Though sustainability, being associated with “going without” is always belittled, they aimed to come up with products that attain both competitive edge for similar products whilst reaping benefits for the environment.

The brand's goal is to cogitate bamboo as a possible semi-industrial product, so while they prototype objects with it, they always try to exploit the properties of the material in an efficient way, because the objective is not only to use it as a substitute and continue producing objects the same way, with bamboo just replacing something else but to rethink the whole architecture of a product from the body to the details.

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